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Continental Mods LTD website is a page thanks to which you will get to know about the details concerning our products, plans for the future and spend some time in our world.

Information you find on the page give you a chance to discover our goals not only as a company, but also as a group of passionate e-cigarette users for whom e-smoking became something more than just a hobby or a regular job. It became the way we live now.

E-cigarette is one of the most important inventions of last years. Human life and health is priceless. How many of your close friends died because of the diseases caused by smoking tobacco? We are certain that the number is appaling. Our grandparents and friends passed away in order to show us deadly results of this habit. Though giving up smoking is rather an extremely tough challenge, we can still mitigate its effects by reaching for e-cigarette. We cannot unambiguously ascertain whether it is completely safe, however if there is even a small chance of avoiding dreadful consequences of smoking, it is worth trying for the good of ours and our closest. We wish you lots of health and persistence,

Continental Mods Team